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Buy what you need- Get free stuff!

If you are at all serious about living a natural, toxin-free lifestyle, then Young Living's Essential Rewards program is a must!  

What is Essential Rewards:

Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship program that earns your points towards free products each month

How much do I have to spend each month?

The longer you are on ER (Essential Rewards), the higher the percentage of points you earn.  



So, for example, if you spend 100pv on your first month's order, you would get 10 points back.  Once you have been in the program for 3 months and have enough points saved up, you can place a "Quick order" and shop using your points!  Yay for FREE STUFF!!

Do I have to get the same stuff every month?

Nope!  You can edit your Essential Rewards order each month with the products you want.  It will save your previous month's order until you change it for the next month, so be sure to check it before your next auto-ship date!  You can also change the date every month as well! Win-Win!

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced shipping rate
  • Earn a percentage of points on every dollar that you can use towards free product
  • Change your product every month or keep it the same
  • Change the date of your order
  • Earn monthly free product when your order reaches the various PV amounts (you get free stuff when you spend 100 pv, more free stuff when you reach 190pv, then 250pv, and 300pv!) (see sample of monthly promos below)
  • Loyalty gifts are given at months 3, 6, 9, and 12 (Yup, more free stuff!)
  • There is no risk and you can cancel anytime- but be sure to use up your points before you do!
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Does Young Living offer more than just oils?

This is the best part- YES!  Young Living offers SO. MUCH. MORE!  We have been able to replace many of the products we used to buy from the grocery store and Target.  You can find shampoos, soaps, lotions, laundry detergent, dish soap, household cleaner, toothpaste and pretty much every product do help you ditch & switch out the chemical filled stuff you may be using!  

Plus!  Young Living now sells mineral make-up!  Be sure to check out the Savvy Minerals Make-Up line as well.  

It really is a one-stop shop in many ways, PLUS you get free stuff just for shopping.  Can't beat that!

I really want to reach the 300 promo level so that I can get all the free stuff, but I don't want to spend that much---

If you have your eye on those 300pv promos but aren't ready to spend that much yet, try offering to buy things for those in your circle.  Recommend a Young Living product that you love and offer to add it on to your order (they pay for the product plus tax plus spit shipping).  This is not only a great way to share your love of Young Living with others, but also a great way to get more FREE STUFF!  (chant with me- "We love free stuff- we love free stuff"!) :)

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email- we are here to help!