The Unplanned

kitchen remodel.png

When your fridge starts making strange noises and your microwave is so loud you can't hear people talking and your oven cooks WAY faster than it should, you make the very adult decision to dip into your savings and purchase new, much needed kitchen appliances. Nothing says adulthood like spending your savings on appliances, am I right?

While I would have rather spent that money on a VERY much needed vacation for Russ and I, I am super duper excited to have new appliances (a first in our 15 years of marriage!). I am so thankful that God has provided for all our needs and now even for something as boring (read: exciting!) as appliances- but LOOK, He IS providing!

When we first decided to take this step for our home, we didn't realize that it would require a rather intense overhaul of our kitchen. You see, the fridge that we purchased (in a bundle deal for an AMAZING price) was too big for the space our old 90's fridge currently occupied.


So, we sketched out some ideas of what we would want that space to look like and before we knew it, we had removed the cabinets and desk all around the fridge space and even ripped out the bulkhead above. Our inspiration came from one of our favorite blogs (Young House Love) where they did built-in open shelving encasing their fridge as shown below--> 

Younghouselove kitchen inspiration.jpg

Handy hubs got to work on our vision and soon created this beautiful open shelving concept for the wall our fridge resides on. We didn't want to remove the large drawers or lose our pantry, so we kept those and worked around them.


Now we have beautiful open shelving, which I am loving. We wanted to be intentional about what we used the shelves for, which is why we built in a spot for our Berkey Water Filter.


Also, because we lost desk space and cabinet space, we needed a spot for our bills storage.


We are loving the changes so far and are looking forward to the next phase of our kitchen which is the counter tops, back splash, and sink (someday).  Here's our before and after --or I should say "in progress" because we still haven't found the perfect light fixture for our coffee station, but for now, the copper one is holding it's own ;) 

kitchen before and after (1).jpg