DIY All Natural Dish Soap

Many of you already know my love of all things natural.  I definitely don't qualify to be labeled "crunchy" because every once in a while I give in to my fast food cravings AND I just can't seem to give up my coffee creamer.  I'm a work in progress ;)


But for as long as I can remember, I have always loved to make things from scratch.  I love the idea of saving money, but moreover, I love the idea of KNOWING what ingredients I am using and that they are SAFE for not just myself, but my family.  It's all about peace of mind.

Here at the Together Home, we do NOT have a dishwasher.

I'll let that set in for a minute...

It really hasn't been too big of an adjustment, and frankly, I like washing dishes.  I like having my hands in the warm, soapy water while looking out the window to the kids playing in the backyard.  It's very "Little House on the Prairie" and I like that.  

So, when I got my starter kit from Young Living, I knew my love for all things DIY hit a whole new level.  

My goal was to swap out the toxic household cleaners and replace them with safe, all natural products (hand soap, dish soap, toilet cleaner, etc.- we are big lovers of Norwex too, so we had already eliminated many spray cleaners we had been using).

What were we talking about?  Oh yeah, dish soap.  How about that recipe? ;)

First grab yourself the cutest glass bottle you can find, with about a 32 ounce capacity. Target's not-a-dollar section always has some cute options.


For this recipe, you can use either Thieves Essential Oil OR Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner.   Also, be sure to choose castile soap that is scent free.  I was able to order my castile soap and vegetable glycerin on Amazon.  One 32 ounce bottle of castile soap was around $10. The vegetable glycerin was $6- and since you only use 1 Tablespoon per batch, it's going to last a while!

Here's the cost breakdown:

1 cup castile soap: $2.50

2 caps Thieves Household Cleaner: $.80

1 T vegetable glycerin: $.10

10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil: $.70

TOTAL: $4.10 for 32 ounces of soap.  You only need 1 Tablespoon per sink of dishes. 


See how nice that suds up?  Plus, it leaves your hands feeling very soft.  For someone that does dishes by hand multiple times a day, this is VERY necessary.  


There you have it!  I am so happy to have peace of mind knowing that my dish soap is non-toxic.

*Note: the suds dissipate after a few minutes, which is definitely something to get used to. This bothered me at first, so after doing some research, I discovered that those bubbles are usually added by synthetic chemical agents, which is why they last so long in your dish water.  So, rest assured, those bubbles are just for looks----your dishes are still getting clean :)

**If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, please contact me!  I'd love to help you get started!