2016: A Year of Projects

Happy New Year!  Last night we were sitting down with the kids looking through this past year's pictures.  We were laughing and remembering and having fun watching the cute videos of the kids that popped up.  But the whole time I was looking through the pictures, I kept seeing project after project that we accomplished in 2016.  

So, I thought I would take a post to recap all that we worked on this past year.  Some days it feels like there are a million projects to be done (because, there are), and other days, like today, we celebrate the work that we've already accomplished.  Eventually we will go into more detail with these projects, so look for future posts on these!

2016 Project #1:  The Den.  Shout out to all you lovers of ship-lap! (post on this process to come.  hint: it's not real ship-lap)

2016 Project #2: The New Deluxe Coop and Run (built by my husband, loved by our 23 chickens)

2016 Project #3:  The Garden

 We use a gardening method called "Deep Mulch" (more in a future post).  We also planted a mini orchard with 9 fruit trees and built some shelving for our cold storage canned goods.  We had a very successful growing season!  

2016 Project #4: The Play Set

This play set was purchased by Nana and Papa and came in a million pieces that took a million hours to put together (or so I've been told from the guys).  The location of the set was then cleared out, landscaped and mulched in.  It is now a favorite place for the kids!

2016 Project #5:  The Sliding Barn Doors (that lead to the den that is also our guest bedroom- more on that to come)

2016 Project #6: The Deck (aka: my least favorite project ever)

And last, but not least...

2016 Project #7: The Kitchen (Read about it here)

Some things you should know:  Each of these projects are still unfinished.  We seem to be the kind of DIY people that almost finish projects and then move on to another.  Someday,we will finish them...or not ;)

Next project on the list:  The Mudroom/Laundry room, which is already in progress!